Sunday, 26 June 2011

The design (still!)

I've been grappling with the design of this one for a little while now, trying to get over the hump of how she will look in the end. I'm still a bit stuck with the final look of the sculpture but 'Brutal Sun' (Sara) suggested that the first sketch is the most dramatic, reminding her of this picture which we have all seen before but is still so moving!:
So, I think to myself 'Dare I make Judith's face like this?' I would really like to but this child is too young to be Judith and I need a few more reference pictures to sculpt a 'portrait' face. I wracked my brain for something similar and came up with Jennifer Connelly! 
Okay, so, she's not quite as intensely emotional looking as the Afghan child picture but she is the right looking age and has some similar features, I think.

Yesterday I began making eyes. I used some glass milky beads and painted them with the new Genesis I bought. I have never used Genesis and it behaves quite differently to what I expected. Well, I managed to paint some irises I was semi-happy with, baked them up but when I laid them over my proportions chart (I do eyes on a glass plate so I can just sit it over the picture to check how they might look), they were way too large. (Thankyou Mark Dennis for the proportion chart I'm using curently ).

Today I'm having another go at them. I'm using a tutorial that Eneida Rosa created a while ago (I think that she is in the process of uploading it to her current website: ). It involves rolling a thin sausage of clay, slicing off small bits to roll into eyeballs, slicing those in half, pressing the iris on and painting them, finally coating with Fimo gel. I used translucent Fimo to get that cloudy, translucent, eyeball look and am working on a technique to get some little tiny veins in the clay, just a few, it is all about the details! I'll let you know how it goes. Still not sure if I will use Genesis on these eyes as I am finding the learning curve for painting with it, quite difficult. Luckily I have about 100 little eyeballs sitting in the oven, ready to be experimented on!

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