About Us

My name is Imogen.

I've been sculpting on and off for a couple of years now, honing my skills and having a blast sculpting in polymer clay and mixed media.I adore creating scenes and sculptures which tell a story and enjoy making one off figures which are just pleasing as stand alone pieces.
My main inspirations are people and the way people look. I also enjoy creating animals and fantasy creatures.
Working in a range of scales is great fun and making teeny tiny accessories to add to a scene is such fun!

I am currently living in a little rural town in Australia which sometimes makes it difficult to break into communities of sculptors, miniaturists and doll makers, let alone getting quality supplies here! The internet is excellent for us remote artists and I have lots of fun interacting with artists and collectors on it. If you'd like to network, don't forget to follow my blog or leave a comment!

I have a small property out here and live with my husband, two dogs and fat cat, who all, excepting my husband, lay around my feet as I sculpt away in the studio upstairs.