Sunday, 14 August 2011

The suspense is killing me!

I've been working hard over the last couple of weeks and have, just today, finished the newest sculpt. Unfortunately I cannot show any pictures as it is for a another competition.

I'm really enjoying entering comps and it keeps me motivated to keep working away at things but the suspense is killing me! It isn't so much that I'm keen to win... although, that would be very nice. No, I mostly want to look at how others have interpreted the theme!

I find out how I have gone on the first one, tomorrow so I'll post links of the entries as they go online (as I'm sure you're all dying to look at everyone's work too). The next competition closes on the 20th and we are able to see results on or around the 27th (I think).

Now I'm on the lookout for another competition to keep me going. Anyone know of any online ones? Being in a rural community in Australia means that online comps are one of the only ways I can be involved in the wider sculpting world and I am having a ball but the suspense is still killing me!

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