Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Shhh... a secret project!

I have a project on the go, in fact, I'm almost a quarter finished! BUT it is for a competition which means I can't blog about it or add pictures anywhere on the internet. 
This is for  the annual Aussie Poly Clayers forum's competition They have some pretty special prizes which is rather exciting. The theme is 'Dare to Dream' which is a little broad but makes it more open to both sculptors and beaders I guess. I had some trouble figuring out how I might go about portraying the theme. Instantly things like angels, nightmares and hundreds of little fantasy creatures bounced about in my brain. Would they be too cliche'?
You'll all have to wait until after the 30th of this month after the competition begins, to see what I have come up with! (don't worry, I'm taking some progress pics as I go!)

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